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    Future electrical problem?

    Disconnect laying in water for a walk in cooler. The sad part is, our new customer failed to see a problem with this!
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    Problem....? NO. Why would water and elecrticty be a problem? Customers can be clueless alot of the time. I was surprised to see how many didn't know if they had a heat pump, or a gas furnace......."I just turn it on here"....WOW
    Sad thing is....someone paid good money for that.
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    Future head pressure trip with the jungle growing around that condenser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zw17 View Post
    Future head pressure trip with the jungle growing around that condenser.
    No no....that's to keep the disconnect out of the rain.
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    i dont think the customer has a problem. he just doesnt want to fix it. If only a safety inspector can just pop by. that be fun to explain (-:
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    Thats the biggest prob everywhere the basic homeowner or buis owner has no clue how it should be done or how it should look only if it works, and sometimes thinks its working great but if they only knew!!

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