When you make "on-line" edits to logic points in WebCTRL, is there a way to migrate the changes back to the .equipment file?

I think that the answer is no, but I figure it won't hurt too much to ask....

I have a .equipment file with 115 points in it, and I had modbus addressing errors in there. There's no global search/replace functionality in LogicBuilder (that I know of), and it's a real pain to change the addressing point by point in the .equipment file. But, in WebCTRL, there is global search/replace functionality, which let me fix all of my points. I tested my changes in WebCTRL, but then went and edited my points one by one in LogicBuilder. After I actually remembered to "Reset to Defaults", after reloading the control program, all was well.

Sure would be nice if there was a way to migrate those WebCTRL changes back to the .equipment file. (Or a way to do global search/replace in LogicBuilder)