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    You do not qualify to post a want ad on this site. Please review the job rules at the top of this forum.
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    I apoligize Dad.
    Not sure what I need to do to post a job. We are a family business and are trying reaching out of our pond (small town) for some service help. What do I need to do to qualify? Please forgive, but I am not comprehending.
    But, forums are new to me.
    Thank-you for your time

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    You must be a Professional Member of the site before you can post a help ad here. This has been the rule for years now. It will also stop headhunters from doing free advertisements here. Sort of a pisser and I hate kicking out ads but sponsor money drives the bus here keeping the site free for us to use.

    The best thing to do, if you want to advertise here, is to see the link in my profile, read all the info on becoming a Pro Member and send in your app form. A committee will verify you are not DIY and in the business then let you in. There is no charge to become a Pro here but we do safeguard the posting info on the site due to DIY liabilities so most of the real juicy info is closed off to the public.

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