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Thread: Fan motor?

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    Fan motor?

    So AC has a problem with fan motor. Capacitor was replaced. The fan won't re-engage after it runs and stops, etc.

    If you flip the breaker, and turn the thermostat down, the AC runs and fan runs fine, initially.

    Is that a definite, the fan motor replacement is needed? That's a general consensus among people my mother has talked to, but it seems if the motor was bad, it wouldn't kick on in there first place.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    who replaced the capacitor? If the problem is still happening call them back.

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    It was done by a family member. He wasn't paid anything, just replaced the capacitor.

    Fan motor is for a 5 ton unit, if that matters.

    I'm just thinking, if fan runs from a "cold start," i.e., resetting everything and flipping the breaker, then would the fan motor still be the issue, if the fan doesn't restart during a normal "cycle"?

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