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    In House Mechanic VS. Field Service Tech

    I am currently an in house service Tech and have been for the past 10 years (mostly office parks with multiple building systems). Right now I have a decent job with good benies and a very laid back atmosphere. I have often thought about switching to the service industry but shyed away from it because of people telling me that "I dont have the patience for it" or that "I should stick with what i know best" I am by know means a "lazy in house guy" and consider myself a decent mechanic. I guess my question is: How hard of a transition is it to go from an in house guy to a service tech?

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    This is a question I've often asked myself and I actually left a company doing in house and jumped in a van, I last three months before I found out how this contractor lied to me about hiring more people, the hours I'd work, and much more. I went back but to in house because I didn't burn not bridges. Keep this in mind. If your a hard in house worker with the right attitude you can do it. It may or may not be for you though, you never know when your going home, basically when they are done with you. There are better contractors out there, do your homework. Do they pay there bill at the supply houses? Talk to the guys working for them. Good luck, I still don't know which one is better.
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    Whats a in house service guy?

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    right up the alley!

    yes in-house seems lazy until ur understaffed or over relied upon or both!
    and your pay falls behind the costs of living standards, in correlation to when u first started?

    It depends if a guy can get a 40 hr work week guarenteed yearound out of a van, then hes good to go! with benes its alot better bottom line to me!

    a person gets tired of the same people, and their agenda year after year, if you dont like someone in a van u dont have to see them or work with them day in and day out or hear them, for the most part!

    the jobs, are more performance based, quanity and quality, and are less secure, but depends again on the company, and the experience an individual has the meore education the more in deman, the more one can write his own way or ticket!

    im looking now that should say something? but theres good, paying union companies out there too!
    it takes about a year to re-establish yourself and re-accustom yourself and family, the spooky part or fear factor is doing it, making the move or jump do your homework and research first!
    just dont give any heads up signal alerts too anyone that youre looking first then can them,cause if they find out they might look for a way to can u, or make u miserable to leave!

    just like theres alot of techs theres alot of companies and good jobs out there, just got to find them, it takes about a year bouning around!
    I had a good opportunity , but unfortunately, i had some negative events that prevented me from a 48 per hr union job as a service tech/manufacture rep! of design in commercial design and refrigeration.
    now that would ve been , nice but everything has its time and place, and things happen for a reason.

    I am a go getter, so now i have to go getter!
    and as for hudson73, no question is dumb, it means you simply want the information, no one is born with it, , alot of people forget that, or when they started, at some place or another!

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