Help needed (contractor/handyman) (19154 (NE Philly) Franklin Mills)

Date: 2012-04-19, 9:08AM EDT
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I am having a problem with my central air conditioning blowing through the vents but it isn't cold. Here is the situation. I had my tenant test it. She told me the thermostat sometimes gives her problems. It's digital and she said if she turns the heat in the off position when she is gone, when she comes home and turns it back on the room temp doesn't register the inside temp. She said it doesn't always happen but every now and then it does. She said she takes it the cover off, takes the batteries out blows in there and shakes the batteries and then it works. I'm not sure if that would be wiring or if she needs new batteries (I forgot to ask if she put a new battery in). She put the air conditioning on the other day (central air). She said the thermostat she switched to cool in the "on" position and she set it at a very low temp. The air came out the vents but it wasn't cold. She ran it for a while too. So I had her go outside to see if the condensor was on. She did not hear the air conditioner running outside. So I'm not sure if it's electrical and something is wrong with the breaker for the air, the air conditioner or the thermostat. I would like someome to take a look at it. Also, please let me know if you have any idea of what the source of the problem is. Thank you!

Now why havent we been taught about the "shaking batteries" technique? Is this something the veteran techs want to keep away from the newbies?