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    I am trying to fix a GE refrigerator model number GSS22IFPHCC. The compressor is not receiving any voltage when I plug it in only the inner lights come on. I changed the evaporator thermistor because it was out of range. I also changed the temperature control ($$$ dollar expense so far) but still it would not work, only the inner lights come on, but none of the fans work not even the compressor. Could the mother board - also called "main control board" - be the problem? It is located on the bottom back of the refrigerator. Can anybody tell me how to troubleshoot the mother board to be certain that it is bad or any other solution? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    This is not a DIY forum and considering you're dealing with a power issue, we are not allowed to help. If you are a service tech, you will know the next course of action without us telling you.
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    #1. As was stated, this isn't a DIY forum and we aren't permitted to give DIY advise.

    #2. Pricing isn't permitted in posts. I removed it for you.

    #3. Guessing at the problem tends to be a very expensive way to troubleshoot equipment.

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    Get a new one....

    We get this question all the time, and the best answer about residential equipment is to go buy a new one. Especially when you have a fridge with a 'motherboard' in it. By the time you figure the labor and parts to repair it, you could have bought one and a half brand new basic refrigerators with full warranties.

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