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    Maintenance tech make ready?

    Question for the forum. I've been a tech for 16 years. The company I work for has tasked me with hiring, training, and development of our future service technicians. Our shop is strictly residential. We are very structured and process oriented. We have clear, concise expectations of what we expect out of our technicians on a maintenence or repair call. The applicants we have been getting lately have some schooling, but zero field experience in the trade. What we really are looking for is bright individuals that are polite, well groomed, and well spoken. I know that I/we can train the individuals the skills needed. What my question is, how long would you estimate it take a green tech to be ready for basic tune up/ maintenance calls on residential gas heat split systems? The plan would be for new hires to ride along with me until ready. I have developed step by step process sheets on gas heating and a/c maintenance calls. We would not be giving them troubleshooting calls right away. We would also try to keep their maintenance calls to newer equipment until they have displayed their understanding of the process. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If it is strictly PM's, I would say that depending on the new tech, between two and four weeks. Maybe even just one week if you get someone really bright.

    Troubleshooting is a whole other matter, but in looking for new hires, I'd be looking for someone that was well versed in electrical. It seems to take a long time for someone to learn electrical if they don't already understand it.

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    I did ride along for 3 weeks doing installs and services on ac/heatpumps. For me I 2nd guess myself to much but most of time I had it. When furnace season came I got 1 week and that was to learn what di motor, pressure switch ect was. I had hard time learning furnaces. After 6 months I pretty much have it down where i dont need any help. After month i was calling boss 1 time a week if that. I always had problem with older models. Carrier with the board on di motor and few others had me pulling my hair out.

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