Went on a call on a 23xrv tripping on low oil. Got there and saw it had been reset 4 times..... Found the oil level half way in the strainer glass. Added oil and started the machine, oil pressure was good at 32psi and watched the vaporizer. Ball valve opened up and vaporizer had good flow, sight glass from vaporizer to oil sump was showing oil flow. Oil sump started getting cold and drain line from the bearings got cold enough to sweat. I noticed bubbles in the strainer glass and oil pressure started to drop. Machine tripped on low oil pressure within approx 15 mins. I noticed an empty 5 gallon can of oil in the room but the maint guy is new.

Cond in 85
Cond out 92
Evap in 56
Evap out 52
Saturated evap 42
Saturated cond 89

High evap approach and noisy compressor plus running at 75% but max amps was telling me oil logged evap.

This machine probably has 3 oil charges in it now.
I suspect a blown oil seal. What do you guys think?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.