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    Carrier 23XL not Loading

    I was looking at a 23XL that was going off on low oil alarm. I could see that some of oil was leaking on the float and the guy who was at the site says it leaks more in the winter. But its not excessively, but enough that I felt ok with adding oil. I added oil to the unit until the switch made and a little more. I than was planning on running the unit fully loaded, to bring back whatever oil may be out in the system. When I went to start the unit it was saying oil loss prevention, but I could see my load solenoid was cycling every 3 seconds. The RLA was still 33%, I confirmed that my signal was working correctly and that my coils were working. I than took off the coils and tried to load it up with my magnet, but to no avail. My thoughts is the piston is messed up or something is wrong with my solenoid. My oil pressure was low around 63 psi and my evaporator pressure was around 80 psi with 53 degree water coming in and out with a diff of about 0.5. I am going back next week and will confirm that oil pressure transducer is reading correct because that pressure should be higher. Anyways again I believe that my piston or solenoids are messed up, but 3 years ago the piston was replaced and the solenoids were replaced. According to the guy who maintains the site he has never seen that chiller load up after the fix. I have read to SB's about this chiller in changing the filters all out, which I don't know if that was done or not. Is there any suggestions about this unit?

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    Sounds like slide valve problem

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