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    Now what caused this heat exchanger to fail after 5 years?

    Maybe that add on cooling system, or possibly the 105k btu furnace which is now a two stage 45K gas furnace?

    I bet it was having 70 percent of the outlet covered with sheet metal. Either way this oil company sent yet another customer to gas, we removed the tank so I bet they will never go back.
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    And what was that supposed to accomplish?
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    Wow, I've never seen a retrofit that was so bad. I'm assuming it was installed by unskilled people who didn't have a clue and didn't care. It sounds like the furnace was oversized for the ductwork. That really stinks at only five years old.

    Another system that didn't die a natural death, it was murdered.
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    Trying to increase air flow no doubt........ nice one....
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    The sad part is, some genius was probably proud of his work after he installed that one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLZ Dan View Post
    And what was that supposed to accomplish?
    I can think of 3 choices:

    A. Kill everyone in the house

    B. So they could offer a warranty the duration of which is-"until I back out of your driveway"

    C. So I can drag race ruining my reputation with going bankrupt by doing cheap installs to see which one wins first.

    Unfortunately that may leave room for a more viable choice: D. All of the above
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    In Ct almost every home even if they had natural coming in from the strret had oil heat. Lots of hw baseboars here but slowly changing all to gas. I have seen some great stuff from the local oil co's around here. Last week I had a call on a new install done at the end of last summer and within the last year the company went under. The person who cut in the evap coil in existing plenum didn' blank off air going around coil instead of up through, also tapped in to the plenum where the coil comes to peak. I took the duct down and right there in front of me was copper. No air could pass through coil and in to ductwork. What do u mean there's no air coming out?

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