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    Chiller question

    Hey guys, I was just curious what the difference is between a chiller mechanic and a chiller or boiler operator? What is the pay difference if any? Thanks.

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    Pretty broad question to get into specifics. A chiller mechanic is someone who has been trained in operation, refrigeration theory, thermodynamics, electrical principles and a myriad of other disciplines and is able to diagnosis and repair chillers. Then in that subset there are even more specialties.

    An operator of equipment should have a general knowledge of the system and be able to log a chiller or boiler and know when it's not running quite up to snuff. Some operators do minor repairs and call for more expertise when they are unable to perform the repairs themselves. Generally speaking, a mechanic will earn more money than an operator, but that may not always be the case depending on location and a host of other factors.

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