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    so i went to an eight month trade school in which i did very well,

    i got hired immediatly out of school into a very large nationwide AC company.

    i thought i'd hit the jackpot.

    trucks, uniforms , everything paid for , and periodic testing so i could prove myself.

    i was a little suspicious when i saw that the company is not a member of the BBB.

    the office only has 4 senior techs that know what they are doing , the rest of the guys who work there know almost nothing about AC systems, so i thought it would be better for me.

    i drove along with the senior techs and i was shocked to find that no one in the comapny uses micron gauges, some of them even brag that they never use nitrogen,
    and no one recovers refrigerant.

    they hire people off of the street to do the installation , almost EVERY install i've seen this comapany do had some kind of major problem.

    so i hop in the truck they gave me and...<cricket> <cricket> work.
    (i was to start out doing PMs)

    so even though i have produced some of the highest testing scores in the company, they told me i'm not ready to be a tech,
    they have hired people off the street who have claimed they've had years of experience,
    these people have DESTROYED peoples systems,

    ...they've blown compressors... tech even tore apart someone's system and left part of it in the customer's house, the customer was crying.

    the company only seems to be interested in hiring terrible techs,

    i'm quitting this place.

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    Wow thats sad

    I don't blame ya, I'd bail too-

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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    get used to it!

    Originally posted by rtu
    Wow thats sad

    I don't blame ya, I'd bail too-
    Theres alot of places like that!
    its like you have to be a diplomat on everything , and just not say much but roll with the punches and kinda go with the flow, and swim with the fishes, until u can write ur own ticket, so to speak.
    your work will speak for itself, and so will your reputation, but if I had the chance to worl somewhere else, id go too!

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    you will learn something every place you work at!!!
    you will gain knowledge from bad techs as well as good techs.
    you will learn from good managers as well as bad managers.

    if having the knowledge/ ability/ experience/ tools etc. to perform the hands on work... some of us wouldnt have a job at all. But on the same token, many of us would now be at the very top of our pay scale!

    However ... to acheive satisfactory job security and pay we all must do more than simply fix things which are broken.

    We must second guess managers as well as customers.
    We must become logistical engineers.
    We have to figure out how to arrive at locations in a variety of states. My last employer serviced FOUR STATES!
    We have to become "mind readers" sometimes.

    and the list goes on.

    plumbing, carpentry, construction, safety, electrical, physics, welding, sheetmetal, fabrication, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, computers, control systems, energy management systems, hi temp service/ low temp service... the list carries on infinitum.

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    Wow, wolfstrike, that's terrible. I hope you find something else soon.

    Like isitfixedyet said, your work will speak for itself. Good luck.


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    no matter wher u go u r not getting a van and going to do service calls. if u do then THAT is a bad company because here in ct that is illegal. and troubleshooting in the field is a whole differnet animal then in a classroom. Who has time for reclaiming.(even though i do it b/c it is the law). but if you feel you cant learn from anybody in the company then i dont care what they pay u get out and fast because sure u stay there for 8 years dont know anything but are getting payed great. thats all good ad fine but if they fire you or u r unhappy you are screwed. so find a company with at least one real good tech that you can contact throught the day via nextel or something this will come in handy at 6:00 on a friday and your suction is 25psi and head is 275 and installs any monkey can do that takes very little knowledge but service not any mexican can do

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    concentrate on that meter and you think it sucks now wait till you have 20 years in,and can write you oun ticket in a disfuntional shop but the money is awesome,and would think you invented the field along with Willis Carrier!when you start to do service with multi,channel locks,reversable screwdriver,adjustable wrench...2 jumpers you there with plenty of room to still learn..consentrate on learning with these companies dive into anything they give you.companies in general don't want to saturate new guys too fast because they know theey will take it someplace else for that $ or newer van,enviro!
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    damnit maxmaster your motto is tyhe same as mine but you were around b4 me so that means i stole it from you damnit i really liked that motto

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    hows about "jump it out....when in doubt"
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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    Originally posted by maxster
    hows about "jump it out....when in doubt"
    You should join the rest of us in the 21st. century. We don't use jumpers anymore. There's a new tool out there that works much better, it's called...

    ...An engineered bypass. :-)

    Roof Rat

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    large nationwide company? sounds like sears.LOL

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    Dont join a union company, no joke, there are 2 out of 6 guys at this place Im at that cant even wire a t-stat, been there many years and make great money, over $60K for that.

    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    Winder, GA.
    does your state have a licensing office maybe its time to take the burden off the public or god forbid maybe you should collect that 25 grand for watching them blow off Refrigerant? (Camera) Walmart**buy one**Don't get Shot**

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