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    im considering purchasing a tiff zx1 detector. anyone with any pros and cons

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    standing in the rain

    Originally posted by sertech
    im considering purchasing a tiff zx1 detector. anyone with any pros and cons
    sertech, nice looking detector, the biggest draw back i can see is that the ZX1 detector is good for halogenated refrigerants only. there are still many cfc units in operation today and if you happen across one, your zx1 is going to leave you standing in the rain. other than that, it's a pretty nice piece of equipment.

    my personal preference is the Johnson Controls RLD-H10PM, its good for all refrigerants and will detect leaks as small as 0.05 oz. per year. (and it's built with a rechargeable battery, never have to buy those pesty things.

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    I would have to disagree. My experience and education tells me that this unit will detect all CFC, HCFC, and HFC's since it detects "halogenated" refrigerants only.

    After all these are all "Halogaenated" refrigerants, meaning they have used one of the Halon group of gases to replace the Hydrogen atom. In the case of the CFC the Halon is chlorine, which all the older detectors looked for. HCFC uses the chlorine too, it's the HFC's which don't have the chlorine that some older electronic dectectors cannot be used with.

    This is the dectector of choice by my students and seems to hold up under their abuse better than a lot of other brands.

    Highly recommended. Only draw back I see is it has the Tiff brand name.
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