But it seems like since Huesien has been elected we, all sides of the spectrum, are giving way to much credit to the office of the Presidency. In other words, giving him credit, and fault for all that goes on, and allowing the office to act as a dictator or King rather than a President as outlined in our Constitution.

We are supposed to have a balance of powers. I think the concentration needs to be on electing a congress and senate that will "do the right thing"; call him out, stop all the UN-constitutional appointees, Czars etc. etc. We need a congress with some nads that will stop this fool, and future Presidents, no mater which party affiliation, and expose them (him) for what they are (what he is).

We, that believe in what America was founded upon, need a 100 year plan to take America back; just like they had a plan on how to destroy us.