I have a question about transferring the heat from my house to my swimming pool when I am cooling my house.

Some info about my house:
Location: N. CA (San Jose, CA)
Pool: In ground, 26,000 - 30,000 gal (20x40 feet), salt water
House: Currently 1,800 square feet, single story, plan to expand to 2,300
Current HVAC: Just forced air NG furnace, no A/C

Plan: Install A/C or Heat pump, and use water from my pool
I was planning to replace all the duct works and have traditional A/C installed, but want to investigate possibility of geothermal.

Geothermal Question:
Can I get by just using geothermal for cooling, that is installation of a geothermal open loop system using a swimming pool as the heat sink. My web searches show sporadic results, not much info I can find.
I would like to install such a system if it is feasible.
But will my pool get too hot? In my climate it might work, rarely do we get long heat waves.
Due to the temperate weather, the pool seems like a good candidate for a heat sink. Also, it would aid in heating the pool.

From what I have researched so far, I would want to install an open loop system, taking the water from my pool, then dumping it back in. Pool would get cooling effect from evaporation. Heating should not be a problem, as winters are quite mild, and I always have the gas furnace as backup.

Has anyone done this? If so, how was the plumbing done? Tie into the pool plumbing with check valves so pool pump and geothermal pump do not affect each other? Or use pool pump for everything? Any advice or suggestion from someone that has experience with geothermal?

Any recommendation for geothermal heat pump? I might need one with titanium heat exchanger due to salt water and chlorine.

A/C question:
Another option I found is to install traditional A/C and retrofit with a water cooled heat exchanger, using my pool water.
I found this product that does this:

This has a refrigerant to water heat exchanger, which seems the most efficient for an AC.

My question for this product is if it will be reliable.
This brochure shows more details:

Basically, there is a controller that will switch the refrigerant from going to your normal A/C condenser to the heat exchanger using your pool water. This will heat your pool. If your pool gets too hot, it will switch back to using your condenser.

Any issues with this setup?
Anyone have any experience with something like this?

Any advice?
I plan to have everything professional installed. Since I will be purchasing a completely new cooling system, what do you think will work best?