We are opening a self serve frozen yogurt shop in California and are in the process of comparing machines. We expect a high volume store in an indoor shopping mall. Our concern is what to buy for our major equipment - soft serve machines. Plus, we would prefer used 2-3 years max, or refurbished.

1) Does anyone have experience with these machines? We want something that has as little maintenance as possible, but with a good maintenance track record. Any recommendations?

2) We would like to keep it inexpensive (electricity).

3) We have to consider air or water cooled. Water is likely a VERY expensive option because of working in a mall environment - and the engineering requirements for a glycol system.

We have spoken to Taylor, Electro-Freeze & Stoelting sales people. I don't trust sales people, but they have given us some good information. We are also considering Wellspring and Alpine as foreign alternatives. We do not want Sani-Serve.

Can anyone give us an idea of what is a good quality machine for the price? Any thoughts would be appreciated!!!

Thank you
Kim Flaten &
Craig Petersman
Gilroy, CA