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    I must have slept thru the part of Water Flow & Heat Transfer 101 that talked about enhanced tubes not creating turbulence in the internal flow pattern of a tube. Anyone care to bring me up to speed, 'cause I just read the last two pages of this thread and realized how ignorant I must be about this subject. Reckon I need to go get my chemical engineering degree.....

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    It is amazing how we made it this far. Must have been dumb luck.

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    As far as the vsd on the cw pumps, that seems to be an unnecessary method of controlling cw temp. if you have a 3 way bypass valve and vsd on the fan motors that should allow for max efficiency both electrically and on the refrigeration side. Most everything I have read and worked on seems to call for consistent flow through the condenser. As knewyork posted the york chilers with vsd will provide your biggest cost savings by lowering the heat output to the condenser on the chiller when possible. also centrifugal compressors with the prv's help cost savings too.

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