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Unfortunately this is a way too common occurrence in our trades.It has to stop but I'm not sure if the problem is with the training,the employer or the individual's knowing that most times there is nobody checking their work.After 35 years in the HVAC industry as a self employed contractor I have retired and started teaching at a local college and part of what I teach is pride in your work.Maybe someday,one at a time attitudes may change.
it brings repeat work. the first guy is working for food money, the second guy gets to redo the entire install getting the big bucks to solve all the new problems created by the guy working for food money.

With this balance everybody gets a piece of the action, and the customer gets an education. I just cannot see a downside to hackery, if it did not exist this forum would not exist and the trades would be no fun at all.

When I retire I was thinking of creating a new company just to go out and make work for you guys as a way of giving back.
Knowing how the job should be done, I could create some really challenging service calls.