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    York YS correct oil types

    hi guys, i've been lurking around these forums for a while now and have had fun reading all the good stuff and now it's time to ask a few questions. We have a client that has a York YSDBCBS2LKA R22. The literature I have says we are supposed to use york c oil (which I know is mineral). The issue is that the chiller was "converted" to S oil back in '05. Now having a bit of experience, I know that when mineral is changed out to POE leaks can come up and be a problem, which I think is what is going on here. On start up chiller was flat and had huge leaks on the oil seperator gasket where the two halves meet. Naturally the responce is to go through fix leaks, make it tight and put new oil, refrigerant filters etc and make it purr once again. What I am wondering is what you guys think of this situation...would you recommend simply changing oil out with the S that is in there or go back to C oil? I have also noticed various oils marked on the panels and in the different literature I have ( various r22 YS machines that are rev d and a) and these machines have also been changed to S. Is S what is used on the S3 and up comps and C on the S2 and lower? I'm a little confused, but I'd rather be askinng for help here than trashing a compressor. In the even you guys have any manuals outside of the parts and iom, I'd really appreciated it if you could help me out with any say...-M manuals. I have a lot of info on YRs and some on the YS Ds but not any maintenance manuals on any of the YS series. Thanks for the help.

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    Why is this in the AOP forum? Could it be moved to the pro or general forum?

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