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    Analog Gas Meter

    Does anybody have a program to calculate gas consumption using an analog gas meter? I have Racine gas meter on a site that was provided by the mechanical contractor and as per spec is an analog meter which sends a 4-20ma signal. I'd like to convert this reading as accurately as possibe to totalize the gas consumption. The meter is conencted to a Reliable Controls MachPro-Sys, so any style of BASIC can be modified to work. I've tried a couple of variations of code but I don't think I'm getting very accurate numbers. ANy help appreciated.

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    Most gas meters (utility) are pulse signals. You need to find the cut sheet on the Racine meter to determine how the signal corresponds to realtime gas consumption. I suppose 20mA could be full gas flow and 4mA would be 0 flow??? If this is the case, you will need a tight sample rate (no greater than 1 second to properly record consumption).

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