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    Tecochill DTx

    So I just started a new job and we have two 400 Ton Tecochill DTx's chillers. Personally I've never heard of them, and the idea of using natural gas to drive the screw compressor is beyond me.. So, please inform me are they good machines or are the 2 big blue piles of POOO...

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    Used to service about a dozen first generation recips. Chevy 454 driving a Bitzer. Was able to get most info needed from Teco. Carried a timing light with me at all times. Thought they were junky units, have been told there later generations are much improved. All problems were related to the electronics and the engine.

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    I worked on a couple a few years back 750 ton machines with waukesha engines on them, 99 percent of the problems where engine related. I also worked on a few that Zeke talking about and they seemed much more reliable. This is going back a few years now, but there tech support guy back then was great, so that was a plus!!

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    I appreciate the comments fellas. I will take them into consideration.

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