Would love to have a service manual on the compressors, but that seems too much to ask for at our local trane office...
They can't even tell me what part numbers I need...

Chiller: RTAC 1854 UH0N UAFN L1NY 1DDN BN0E N10N R0EX N
Comp 1A: CHHP0N1TKE0N112A
Comp 2A: CHHP0N1TKE0N092A

I have two of these at a site, and they want the 1 year oil filter change service done since no one has ever done it, and they have been running for 8ish years...
So I assume I need:
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Check Valve
Oil Injection Solenoid
Trane POE 48 Oil
7/16 MPT x 1/4" access valve

The manual keeps talking about an oil siteglass too, but there is not one anywhere. Is there a oil sightglass kit you can get?

Also need a Evap Out Temp Sensor, Flat Cable Type, they can't figure out the part number for that either...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
And if anyone has the compressor service manual, any service bulletins, oil filter change instructions, proper way to check oil level when you have no site glass, etc... would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help!