Hey guys. I'm trying to refine my resume to make it more simpler and geared towards this industry. This resume was focused towards working in the aviation field which is why there's a lot of info on it. That's where a lot of my experience has been in the past few years and I'd like to eliminate that and focus more on the HVAC portion, even with the little experience I have.

As for the education part, the portions in red are the parts that I never finished. I signed up for those majors but only took classes here and there. The certificates on the other hand have been obtained. So I was wondering if I should leave the parts in red out and only display what I've received while in school, or just leave everything. I will be starting a 1 year HVACR certification program tomorrow (Tuesday) and was wondering how I can fit that in as that's on going.

The HVAC part was a shortcoming due to some family business reasons so I'd rather not explain that online. If the employer asks, I'd be more than happy to talk about it to them but I just threw that out there in case anyone was wondering.