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    Quote Originally Posted by MIPAR View Post
    VTP99: I've heard a similar phrase " When in doubt, amp it out! "
    The version I heard was "When in doubt, don't."

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIPAR View Post
    I checked a refrigerator compressor which according to the customer had been diagnosed as bad compressor and I found the following readings:
    Run to Start: 2.2 ohm
    Run to Common: .4 ohm
    Start to Common: 2.1 ohm
    I notice that 2.2 and 2.1 are very close could this be an indicative of a bad compressor? How could you diagnose this compressor based upon these readings?
    Thank you
    You are suppose to add common to start and common to run and add those numbers up which equals 2.5 ohms
    Your reading for the start to run, which is the full winding, equals 2.2 ohms. The readings don't add up. There is a .3 ohm difference. The two readings should be equal.

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    Time for a new meter and a T-stat.

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