Replace vs. repair an 8 year old heat pump paired to an older air handler
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    Replace vs. repair an 8 year old heat pump paired to an older air handler

    I have an 8 year old Trane SEER 11 heat pump (R-22) that the compressor went out in, according to the contractor. It is paired with an older (not sure exactly how old) Carrier air handler under the house that is starting to rust out and I was expecting to need to replace the air handler first.

    The contractor gave me a quote on a new Heil system, along with a quote for just replacing the compressor. The quote for just the compressor came to ~1/3 of the cost of the new system. I am getting additional quotes on a new system as well from a few other companies with different brands.

    My question is, what do people think about replacing the whole system vs replacing the compressor. I am worried that if I replace the compressor the air handler will go out and I will have to replace it soon anyways, which would mean I would have to find an R-22 air handler to replace it with or replace the entire system with new R-410a equipment.

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    replace the system, the old air handler could be what killed the 8 yr old compressor.

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    I would recommend replacing it all. It sounds like your are doing the right thing, as far as getting proposals. Se if you can move it to a place where it won't rust out.

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