When I was 18 I was working one night in a small equipment room on a Vogt P-24 ice machine charged with 800 lbs. of ammonia when there was a sudden release of it's entire charge in liquid form from the bottom of the receiver. Getting out of the room from where I was located was tricky. I had to step up onto an I-beam about 2 feet above the floor, walk the beam to the corner of the room, turn the corner, step over some piping, duck under some piping, and walk the beam another 12 or so feet to the doorway to get out. I have no recollection of how I made it out of there! There is a gap in my memory between the release of ammonia, until I reached the doorway? I remember feeling relief when I exited the door, thinking I would be able to breathe finally, only to realize that I still couldn't! I spent a week and a half in ICU and another week in a regular hospital room. The doctors said if I had been a smoker I wouldn't have made it.....I didn't tell them I'd been smoking a year and a half at that point! I still work with ammonia, I just have a lot of respect for it and always make sure everything is double checked and nothing is left to chance!