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    PH and Conductivity Sensors-What are you using?

    We are looking to monitor PH and Conductivity. Anyone doing this and if so what are you using. I am looking for 4-20 or0-10VDC.
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    Conductivity only, need accessory board for the 4-20mA output
    The Megatron looks pretty decent and has a number of options. We have one of these, but an OEM setup, no remote tie in yet. Honestly I like the setup of this one better overall. Conductivity probe only goes in one way, flow sensor in clear setup.

    Either way protect them both from excessive heat/direct sunlight. We've built covers for all of ours as they tend to die prematurely w/o them.

    You monitoring PH to verify the chemical feed is working or you actually controlling off of it as well?
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