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    york yt excessive purges

    on a york yt chiller would 60 purges in a hour indicate a leak or could there be a problem with the purge. Also besides external leaks could their be leaks from within the compressor. The chiller sounds like it skips a beat every once in a while. York works on the chiller, I would on the the other hvac equipment , just looking to get into chillers.

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    Don't start on that one.

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    60 purges per hour? I would find it impossible to keep that machine running if it truly was purging that much. Also when you start asking questions about a chiller it helps to have the model number so we can get an idea of the vintage. The first four letters in the serial number would pinpoint it as well.

    I have never seen a York purge purge 60 times in an hour. Optiview panel? Are you sure it isn't displaying "purges in last hour"?

    I agree with Spinning Wheel. This is not a chiller you want to start on. There were two different purges used by York TurboGuard I and TurboGuard II. The II has a "booster" oil pump to increase the pressure in the purge tank. Which do you have? Model number and first four letters of serial #, please.

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