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    Question New Equipment Advice

    Replacing an old system with a 2.5 to Rheem unit ,the home is a 1000 sf house would a 2 stage system be overkill or would an 2.5 ton straight cool single stage be my best bet.Found an installer i like and an Manual j was done because of the old windows in the house he recommended a 2.5 ton.Does any on have any recommendations for you guys are the greatest. The installer is an Rheem dealer but would install what ever brand i wanted.
    Thanks guys

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    Someone out must have some advice for me??

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    The South

    Your location?

    This is heat pump system?

    Why are you considering going up in size?

    I generally think two stg on a small dwelling is a waste.

    Post the models of the HVAC you are looking at.


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    Thanks for taking the time
    Location is Tampa Fl, and the system is a Straight Cool Models: RANL/RAPM-JEZ
    2.5 ton is what is in place, old leaky windows accounts for the extra 1/2 ton I agree about the Two stage.The installer is not pushing it just an option Rheem Products.Dont know if a heat pump would save me that much because of the mild winters Thank You so much for your time Present system is a Bryant 2.5 still running but time to replace her

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