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    York vs American Standard on Texas coast

    I am having my 4 ton Rudd condenser unit replaced on my 1400 square ft condo on the beach. It actually made it 9 years but fins are rotting off. Air handler is Goodman ARUF486016 4-5 ton installed two years ago. Contractor that installed that unit is suggesting a American Standard 13 SEER and offered a reasonable price. He has it on his shelf. Current set up is R-22 and he would leave that. Contractor 2 will match price with a York 13 Seer single speed with coils coated for coastal conditions and flush system and put in 410 freon and change expansion valve in air handler for the same price. Which unit might last the longest in a beach environment? Question 2 would it be worth going to a 2 speed 15 SEER unit for another $xxx? This is a vacation rental unit and most guests crank thermostat to 70 degrees and leave it and A/C runs most of the day.
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    4 tons for 1400 sq ft condo? Holy cow!

    Anyway, if reusing the ARUF, no point in going past a 13 SEER unit. You'll never get high SEER with a standard motor inside. And 2 stage really won't work that well either.

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    Goodman ARUF unit claims multi-speed motor on specs

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    [QUOTE=BaldLoonie;13122511]4 tons for 1400 sq ft condo? Holy cow!

    Hey this is Texas Gulf coast and condos are 30 years old single pane, lots of windows, cracks and poor insulation. And yes my electric bills are huge.

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    Your electric bills are huge because you're running a 9 year old condensing unit with the fins rotted off. I don't know where on the Gulf Coast you're located, but if you're on the upper Texas coast and the condensing unit is exposed to the prevailing south to southeast wind, you're lucking you got 9 years out of it. Well, I say you got 9 years out of it, but it was probably ready to be replaced 3 or 4 years ago.

    You could go with the American Standard and stay with R-22, but just hope the system doesn't develop a refrigerant leak before the next changeout. R-22 isn't cheap and it's not going to get any cheaper in the future. In my experience with installing systems along the upper Texas coast, American Standard holds up better to the salty air because of the all aluminum condenser coil but, like I said, just hope the system doesn't develop a leak.

    As far as the York unit and getting it coated, good luck with that. Unless something has changed over the last 10 years, even coated units can't withstand the salty environment of the Gulf coast. Most likely, whatever warranty you get with the coating will be prorated, so by the time the coil rots out, there won't be much warranty left to make any difference. But, I'm only guessing on the warranty. You'd need to check with the company who is doing the coating.
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    Go with the American Standard unit, the condenser coil will last much longer, especially if you wash it out regularly.

    Also, make a system out of it and change out that air handler too...

    Get a load calculation done.
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