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    I graduate from HVAC/R on May 18th 2012. Once I passed my competency tests I went out there with my resume and filled out applications. I talked to CEO's and contractors and they would ask me questions about the trade. Examples of this would be "What is superheat?" I would reply it is the tempature above saturation for refrigerant and tell them how to get the calculations. I also was asked what subcooling is and afew electrical questions. Sale yourself to them and you will get hired on. I got hired on with a company and they wasn't even hiring because I impressed him so well, I start on the 21st of May. I basicly have the weekend after I graduate and I'm in the field.

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    It will be a rude awakening thats for sure. No experience in a trade where experience is everything. If your inclined mechanically and can think on your feet and patient you will be fine. Hope its a good ethical company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BackwoodsNC View Post
    Ok guys and girls this is my last week of school(HVAC/R trade SCHOOL). I have been looking for a jobs in the hvac/r field and everything that i have seen requires experience. So how do I get around this? I have seen job postings that do not require experience just a CFC license but they are jobs at apartments and I really do not want to do that.

    My background is repairing copiers and fax machines the last six years; so I have experience being unsupervised and getting things done.

    I am thinking that if I don't find something I am just going to back to school and get a AAS in Industrial Systems Technology. I know some guys that got hired straight out of that program with no experience and making pretty decent money.
    where in nc do you live
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