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    Teflon on Flare Fittings...

    This was a mini split I came across while deployed to Iraq

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    LOL! I don't understand how this new technology works!
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    It's honestly amazing how many people can't figure out how a flare fitting works.

    Or a union.
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    Oh- that's funny. I guess it's the threads & back of flare that seal.

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    Looks like it sealed despite the effort.
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    and yet the manufacturers of mini-splits feel that making the line set flared at both ends and instructions to not cut the line set will ease installation issues related to improper brazing.

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    No, no, that's rice paste. New thing they got there. Inhibits corrosion and deters thieves.......and is good for freon suppliers.
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    Is it any worse then seal leak on flare nuts? the gray/bluish stuff, couldnt see very well thru the led lights. I encountered 2 leaks today, couldnt tight any further cos the crap dried up. so had to fix them the long way.

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    I always tar my flares before assembly.

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    Had a gas leak at a fitting on the high pressure regulator on a 500 gallon propane tank,,,customer complained of smelling gas when he walked by the tank. When I got there, dound all of the piping under the led of the tank had been neatly wrapped with yellow teflon tape that the delivery driver "installed" to repair the leak. Had to take the new guy aside and explain about the benefits and shortcomings of his leak repair.
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    FYI, according to the Copper Handbook available free at, flares should be dry with no tape or goop of any kind. The one allowable exception is a drop of oil to assist in forming the flare but wipe it off when done.

    When working for a mfr. doing product liability investigations, it was sad how many failed valves we found were clogged with chunks of pipe dope or PTFE tape. Of course, nothing beat the gravel I found in one but that's another story. Also get water, thread cutting oil, rust, etc.

    Most buildings I go into have gas leaks and the #1 cause of leaks is dope on the face of a ground union.

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