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Commtech I see the world much as you do, to say the least I am not a P.C. person. I have another reason to cut back on energy. Our country is at war and we are paying for people that want to kill us. I don't want to be a part of that. I put in geo 3 years ago and it cut my total electric bill by over 30%. my wife and I bought 2 Prius cars and we get 54 miles to the gallon and it is the best car I have owned. As for being green that is not for me, I think God made me and he loves me. Somethings he lets me control and others he is in charge of like the temperature on earth or the sea level. This planet will last as long as he wants it to and it will give us all we need to live on. Just a few years ago we thought we were running out of fuel now we know that in the US we have 100 years of natural gas and oil in the ground. We just need a president that will let us get it.
Careful what you wish for as the NEW sources of NG may come a a price higher than you want.........contaminated water supplies. There is a lot of fracking done in Alberta and lots of ranchers with bad wells. Time will tell.