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I am not "in the geo industry", Just someone w/geo in my 2 yr old home. Here are some numbers to think about.
Old house 1200' ranch, oil heat, propane for stove and of course an electric bill.
10 month oil budget 330.00 month, electric bill 100.00 mon average. + propane= 4600.00

New house 2000' ranch geo for heat, a/c, 100% DHW. All electric= 2100.00 yr.

Paid about 10-12k more then a typical heating with a/c system. I live in a bigger house and will save enough on utilities to pay back the difference in 5 yrs.

What region of thr US do you live in ?

Seems geo is less prevalent and less practical in Southern areas. I live in Houston and just dont see how Geo ould compete with a high SEER conventional HP or high SEER a/c with a natural gas furnace in upfront cost and effeciency over time.