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    Lack of internships

    Just curious as to why there is a lack of opportunities for students in this field. I've contacted many companies within the last month or two. Some replied, and most haven't. Those that did reply stated they don't do such things. Maybe someone from the business side of this can put in their . When I did automotive work years ago, you can pretty much go to any dealership, or car shop in general, in the area and get picked up as an intern or do some kind of co-op program to go along with your school. It seems like the complete opposite for this industry.

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    I know in MA. its pretty much frowned upon due to liability and lawsuits. We also have manditory health coverage and i think that plays a part in it as well.

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    Never heard of an internship but plenty of people are hired out of school. You need to set yourself apart and don't stop trying.
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    Brady Trane Service in greensboro nc hires interns during the summer and decides on whether to hire them when they graduate from school. Its paid work and you get set up to have a job with someone who already knows you.

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