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    I just bought a Kenmore 5300 BTU window air conditioner for the bedroom and while it's quieter than the previous one, it still makes enough noise to make sleeping difficult. My thought to make it even quieter was to put cardboard or foam panels on the inside of the case (not covering the vent slits of course) in an attempt to dampen the sound from the compressor. Has anyone ever tried this or see any potentional problems with this idea?

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    I wouldn't mess with it. It probably won't help much and could end up in the fan blade, burning out the motor.

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    Try some earplugs instead. :P
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    Try hitting it with a BFH...

    Big fukin hammer.
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    I have that same unit. Are you talking about the fan hum, the actual compressor noise (which is 'throatier' and softer than the fan hum), or the rattling some of the plastics make?

    As for the fan speed, run it on low fan at night. That's as good as you're going to get there.

    Nothing you can do about the compressor noise. I doubt it's really what's bothering you, though, since it's softer than the fan on Low and I can't even tell if the compressor is running when the fan is on High.

    The rattling you can address. Hit the supply air grille moderately hard with the flat of your hand a few times - not hard enough to break anything, just enough to jar the plastics back into place. I've found that putting some weight on top of the unit and having a bit of padding between it and the window help too. (I'm using a towel underneath.. not a proper install but it's only there a couple more weeks.)

    Definitely not a good idea to install anything inside the unit.

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    If the noise really bothers you, get a minisplit installed with an oversized evaporator and a slow, quiet indoor fan.

    Or do as I do and just turn it off at night.

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    turn up the radio. don't try putting anything inside unit.

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    Turn the little noisey ba$tard to full cool 3 hours before you go to sleep......then unplug it. Quiet........
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    It can't be helped

    Window air conditioners ARE noisy. That's the way it is so far

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    That worked. I set the temp to 60 degrees and closed the door for a few hours. At bed time it had gotten the room down to 67 degrees! YES! I turned it off and fell asleep in no time. The wife had to wear a bathrobe and slipper socks to bed but's all about me.

    Thanks smokin68.

    Originally posted by smokin68
    Turn the little noisey ba$tard to full cool 3 hours before you go to sleep......then unplug it. Quiet........

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    cold room ='s new form of birth control

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