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    I have a new 1608 sq ft. ranch that is well insulated. It has a 2 ton sear 13 air conditioner. I live in northern Indiana. My previous house was same size and design and it had a sear 12 2.5 ton. This weekend it got up to 90 and the air ran for hours no stop. My old house would't run that much till the outside temp approched 100. Is the 2 ton too small?

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    Running all the time on a very hot day is ok. Nobody from here will be able to tell for sure if your system is sized
    properly. As long as your house can maintain temperature on 90 degree plus days you are probably ok.

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    You didnt mention if it keeps your house comfortable. The airconditoning system is designed around the heatload of the house. It is also not unusual for the unit to run a long time at high outside temps. Long run times are more efficient and also will let the unit remove the humidity in your house.

    Like I said before, does it keep you confortable, if it does then its doing what it was designed for.

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    As other said, if the ystem runs a long run time. you are fine.. It's better to let it run than stop and go all the time.

    Kinda like in a car, where are you going to get better gas mileage, Stop and go, or going on the highway with the cruise on?

    If it can keep temp when it's 100 outside, you are fine.

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