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    Hmm heat pump clicking sound

    have a rheem heat pump. Have heat and have air. On an occassion it makes a clicking sound, like it's trying to turn something on or off. Fan works and I hear the compressor work. Clicking sound sometimes takes awhile and other times it starts right up when the heat pump begins. Does not seem to matter the temperture outside. So far, I have not heard it make the clicking sound when the air conditioning is in use in the summer.

    Does anyone know what may be the cause?

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    Could be the small plunger inside the solenoid reversing valve. Nothing to be concerned with if that. Also look for small sticks hanging down against the fan blades!

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    Thanks, anyway to replace that small plunger or can it be replaced? The noise is very annoying, can hear in the house and at the furnace in the garage, plus you can hear it through the neighborhood. Probably wouldn't be so bad but the pump is next to the master room, plus I'm concerned about irritating my neighbors.

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    You need a pro to check it out. Could be a dozen things.....and no, you can't change the plunger in a solenoid. You have to change the whole valve.
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