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    York Txvs w electrical devices

    originally put in Pros section on accident , thought Id move here as a bit more active, stan

    Hi all , had a couple questions I wanted to clear up in my head one the YCAS chillers w the 0-24v signal txv`s (danfoss I believe) , can someone please explain the theory and operation of this device and function please./or literature , thanks

    second I looked at a newer chiller last week YLAA Tempo w/ a heating element on powerhead r410a with insulation on top of that. Now these are standard ambient and not ice making, the only idea I could come up with was to prevent liquid charge from condensing in powerhead and thus staying at sensing bulb?

    thanks for replys , stan
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    good old Europe
    I would discribe them as TEXV (thermal electronic expansion valves).
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    thanks for pm, stan
    Keep it simple to keep it cool!

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