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    Quote Originally Posted by Healey Nut View Post
    If I change my name how will my loyal army of followers of my charm , wit , wisdom , down to earth honesty,tell it the way it is , no BS or candy coating, non politically correct insight know where to look for help ?? Have a good weekend everyone
    They will just say that ****** ****** changed his name again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayguy View Post

    how's the Martha Stewart class coming? do you get much homework from her?
    Had to quit , developed a allergy to all that Latte drinking and Pot Pourii
    And she didnt like my doilly foldings they always had dirty thumb marks on them from all the engrained dirt in my thumbs .
    Then I told her to stick her doillies where the sun dont shine and it was all over
    The toy chest is officially full ... I got a new toy..... 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and yes it still gives me goosebumps
    You bend em" I"ll mend em" !!!!!!!
    I"m not a service tech.. I"m a thermodynamic transfer analyst & strategic system sustainability specialist
    In the new big shop , greasin', oilin' . tweakin' n shinin' !!

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