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    Hobart 2912 slicer

    This slicer no longer works in auto mode. I was wondering what I need to look for on this, is it merely just a switch? I had this apart about 3 weeks ago to replace the on/off switch and I really dont want to tear it down again unless I really have to. After replacing the switch three weeks ago I ran it through it paces and it all worked fine at that time, so I dont think it was something I msay have done, but ya never know.
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    I just repaired one last week with same problem. There's a good possibility that the problem is just the switch needing adjustment. It's a simple microswitch that's actuated by a cam on the auto carrier shaft - which is what you turn with the knob on the front. Not difficult to get to at all after you remove the bottom cover. The bracket on which the switch is mounted is rather flimsy and the switch's position has fairly critical tolerances to get it right. You may just need to re-index the switch.


    On mine, a section of the auto carrier's bushing (called a bearing in the parts manual) had somehow worked loose from within the carrier, then had gotten pushed up around the switch's cam - thereby keeping the microswitch lever depressed. THAT was keeping the microswitch in the OFF position.

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