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    4 Deck bakery bread oven, steamer issue

    I have a Forni (Italian) 4 deck bread oven; heated by mini vapor steam tubes. Each deck has its own steam generator. The top three work great. The bottom deck doesn't steam correctly. I get maybe a half deck of decent steam and much of the product comes out pale looking. The selinoid works correctly; and I replaced and regularly clean the actual metal steam tubes that retains the heat and makes the steam when water comes in. Somehow, the steam is not getting into the deck.

    The company says it might be leaking steam from the connectors in the back. I should look for steam coming out back and then open up the back panels of the oven to secure the leak. If no leak in the back, then it's likely a draft issue for which I should get a qualified tech. I'm not a fan of the company that I bought the oven from so I would rather get independent advice and technical help.

    I don't understand how the draft settings affects the steam issues; and if it is a draft setting issue, then wouldn't it affect all the steamers since they all go to the same draft (I think)?

    I attached oven diagrams.

    Any input on this is appreciated. And any references for a good bakery equipment tech in the Philadelphia area is appreciated. I have some options but always open to new eyes.

    Thank you,

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    Poor Steam

    Check the connections as per the factory.

    Verify the solenoid is working and not just making a click. Maybe it's failing and not passing full volume to the steam pipes. If the setup has a water pipe/nozzle after the solenoid maybe it has a few holes clogged. If there's a strainer on the inlet of the solenoid it may be dirty and restricting the flow. It sounds like you're saying there aren't electric elements to generate heat/steam so no need to address that here.

    The draft - what the manufacture may mean is if the deck has a draft vent on each deck, the problem deck may be in the open position, reducing the amount of steam contained in the deck while steaming/baking. Verify by looking at the vent mechanism over the vent opening and not the label by the vent know that indicates open / closed.

    Good luck ~

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