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    I'll try to explain it best as I can...

    problem started when outside temp. begin to hit high 90's. Walk-in cooler works fine but when it hits 3-6pm it overheats and temp inside of the unit begin to rise. So I go outside and I hear refrigerate system wants to start but it can't. The fan and compressor wants to start but it shuts down then tries to restart but again it shuts down. It repeats the action every 5 secs. So I start spraying water into the unit, then it starts working again for good 30mins, then back to the overheating problem. What would cause this?(it works fine during morning and night time).

    Thanks in advance...

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    Are you using de-ionized water or Rocky Mountain water?

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    have you checked the kanuteren rod? hmmm

    this is a tuffy

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    because this is your 1st post, no one is gona say anything for fear your not a refrigeration person..
    maybe come back with something about yourself, and check the condensor fan..............
    Let's give nukes a chance.

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    It can be very inviting to try and solve your own problems, when they arize, being an entrpenuer, we all can empathize with you. However. This sort of a malfunction, could be of too many possibilities, and to save yourself time and money I suggest you call a local proffesional commercial refrigeration service company. They will warranty their work and you will have made a responsible decision to have your cooler work properly and long term so you can get back to the business you run. There is money in that box, money you put out already, and money you will profit from by selling that perishable food.

    If you make a mistake, you lose that money plus have to pay out more to have it repaired. Kapish?

    I can not tell you how many times over the years, I am asked to come out after a customer tried to make rteapirs on their own equipment, maybe from yeilding information off the internet or through a network of people they know. It never ends up saving them money and usually causes further damage to equipment costing more than what was originally possible.

    Leave this to a pro.

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