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    Three quotes two different plans

    My split level house is located in New Jersey and was built in 1953. The house will have 6 finished floors when contructions is done. The house currently uses 4 floors (Basement 1, Basement 2, Kitchen, Bedrooms). I just had a 95% 80k 2 ton trane system installed for the bottom 4 floors. I am building a master bedroom in the first attic and an office in the second attic.

    Two different HVAC guys said they can fit a furnace and AC in the very small attic (less than 4 feet high). Another guy (the one who installed my current system) is telling me that 1. there isn't enough room to install properly with the right pitch for drinage 2. accessing the unit for repair would not be possible 3. there isn't enough combustable air in the small attic. Instead he suggested that I install a Comfortmaker heat pump (located in NJ) with an electric backup and an AC unit. All these guys are reputable and get permits for their work. Who do I trust? Thanks.

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    How do you like the work the guy already installed? Might be best to listen to him.
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    Ask them about the new Fujitsu ductless models. They can run just linesets then. They (Fujitsu) are doing some really neat stuff with things like 27+ SEER systems and low profile (2") indoor units. Just a thought for you in that particular situation...

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