Hello again everyone, once again Trane has me crying the blues.

I'm doing an upgrade on an exisiting Summit system where I had an issue with compatability between a new MP581 and the existing system. The software would recognize my neuron ID for the new MP581 as a SCC.

In talking to a Trane Tech, I was told that I'd need to upgrade my Summit software to 17. Was at 15.something. So I did that, made my backups of my backups and saved them to a flash disk just incase. However after the upgrade was complete all my files remained so...great.

After registering the software and opening back up the site, much to my shagrin and the burning ears of Trane controls makers, the MP581 was still coming up as a SCC.

I went and dug deeper to find that apparently I also needed to do a "clear code/database/ram and reset" to allow the new code into the BCU. So I did that and....POW! NOTHING! Now my BCU has been steadily flashing the same -P for over an hour.

Before I did the "clear code/database/ram and reset" I checked the help file in Summit and online and they both said "Once the factory program is successfully downloaded, the PC Workstation automatically downloads its copy of the database."

Yet I still have no PD flashing at my BCU... Needless to say, my chantix is not keeping me from smoking today.

Any help would be greatly suggested...at this point do I cycle power manually at the BCU?