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The reason behind my questions are that the chillers on this site are maxed out, and I wanted to know what kind of tonnage numbers I was doing vs. what is stamped on the machine. If the target water temp we are currently using is 2-3 degrees below design, then I am doing better then I thought I was. I will have to check with the manufacturer to see what the design was.

The chillers are maxed out? Have changes been made to the system? They most likely didn't start out maxed. With any system it's not what you think but can you make it work. With any system it starts with are the components clean and are the refrig levels where they belong along with airflow which goes back to clean. when in doubt clean it first then analyze.
Oh my things have changed and are constantly changing. Lots of load has been added and it looks like more load then they thought. This site is beautifully clean, filters once a month and maintenance every 3.