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    I have a 1500 sq foot condo with a 25 year old 2.5 ton carrier system. I'm looking for an economial way to get it working again.

    there's a 4 ton carrier condensor available on Ebay. Could I get this unit and upgrade the evaporator coil?

    Does the evap coil have to match the capacity of the condensor?

    I was thinking of getting the unit in place, then calling a local technician to hook everything up, upgrade the power box, etc. does this sound resonable?

    thanks for any and all help.

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    Have to have a matched indoor coil. Grossly oversized means noisy due to small duct system and horrible humidity removal. Do it right or get ya a couple of window units.

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    ok. thanks. i noticed some 2.5 or 3 ton units available online. is it ethical for me to purchase, ship and position the condensing unit, then let a professional hook up and install coil etc? It would allow me to afford the repair.

    similar condos have been upgrading to 3 ton with new installations. Is a 3 to a 4 ton a gross oversize?

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    NO WAY

    A 4 ton condencer will not like a 2.5 ton evap or the lineset. If you upgrade your evap then your unit will be 1.5 ton oversized. You should call a tech, if you dont we cant help.

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    I plan on calling a tech. I would never touch the stuff once it gets here! but if i can find a used working condensor online that will suit my needs, shouldn't i consider doing that?

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    I have noticed that alot of homeowners now are saying that they can buy equipment on E-bay and save money thinking a contractor will install units for them cheap. Do homeowners think that a 2.5ton evap and a 4 ton conderser will work just because it was cheap on E-bay. When your car needs to be repaired do you tell the shop hold on ill get you they part and you install it cheap.dont you realize the units that are for sale on the internet are junk but im only a service tech what do i know about making units work.

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    I understand what you're saying, and i agree... if i were a tech, and somebody bought a bogus mismatched system and expected me to install it, I'd say no.. or I'd do it but inform him of the limitations. on the other hand, I and millions of others purchase car parts, both aftermarket and OEM and go to dealer service departments and custom shops and let the pros who know what they're doing, do the work or installation, and they happily do it.

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    If you want to do it right then ask contractor to give you estimate on system, then size , line set,coil, and condenser would make more sense to purchase the right equipment then just hacking it in and yelling it don't work after you paid e-bay for a unit.

    But, line size could be 5/8' & 3/8" and that won't work on 36,000 btu condenser, coil also needs to be 36,000 btu rated..

    Put what you want in but, be careful you don't size to much for the amount of ductwork and returns you have.
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    You can find a dealer willing to hook up an internet purchased machine. BUT, if he's smart, he'll realize he has to jack up labor charge to make up for loss of the sale of the equipment. His direct costs and overhead is the same whether he sells you stuff or not. So to cover those costs, he has to make more on labor. We've talked to people about installing their stuff. Usually doesn't save them anything.

    But you can find someone to install it cheap. But why will he do that? Cuz he can't get work any other way? Do you really want him? Hacked in equipment doesn't work well nor last!

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    ok, thanks for advice. I'll consider all of it. the only reason I'm looking at online purchase is because the estimate i got was shockingly high. maybe becasuse this is southern CA.

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