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    converting cap tube to TXV

    Ive read of guys converting cap tubes to TXV's in reach ins, Any body do this regularly, does it pay off in the long run from clogging cap tubes in POE systems. Don't you need a reciever or large enough condensor to hold excess liquid? how would you figure out the tonnage of a box? I'm buying a problematic TRUE TSSU-27 second clogged cap tube. Customer wants to get a new one, so I'm buying it off him. I was gonna change the oil in comp. and maybee make a project out of it and put in a TXV. If it can be done, how would you size it properly? can I just take the BTU rating of the compresser?

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    It will work. I larger cond. coil or receiver may be needed, but try just TXV first. Compressor with TXV usually has a higher starting torque rating.

    Add a sight glass if you use a non-glide refrigerant will help see what's going on.

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    I just changed a pump on one and the cap tube and strainer were plugged very badly.
    Whatever the size was I went with two feet less.
    You may have a problem starting if the pressures don't equalize like they do with a cap tube.
    I don't think POE/Captubes are completely at fault for all of this since I've seen plenty of units with completely blocked condensers that were never cleaned since the original purchase and the cap tube made it through fine.
    I wouldn't bother with a TXV on that one. If it was mine I would put in a different size cap tube
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