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Thread: drywall stilts

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    call me crazy, everyone else has... but i bought some drywall stilts that adjust from 18-30 inches off the ground, so i no longer have to drag a ladder around, and go up and down it during new construction rough ins.

    i thought, and still think that its a damn good idea, i have been practicing on them, and am pretty used to them now.

    btw, graingers, 306 bucks...eek

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    Those are the only way to go. Have you goten good going up and down stairs with them on??? Now that is fun

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    i haven't had a chance to try around stairs, but i have a feeling it will be tricky.

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    I also used stilts years ago.

    I found them useful for putting registers and grilles on.

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    I had planned to purchase a set of those stilts for when I had to set lay-in registers in drop ceilings. Found out I didn't need them much since all the ceilings I worked through were at 8 feet from the floor. I just reached up, grabbed the flex drop, tied it on and set the register in place. I was moving twice as fast as the guys hauling ladders around. May still get a set for those higher than 8' ceilings, they're a great tool for those type installs.
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