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    Nordyne R4GD vs. Trane XB1300

    I just got a couple of bids on a new HVAC system for my 1920's farmhouse. The house has never had central heat/air.
    The first contractor (the one I like) bid out a Frigidaire/Nordyne R4GD series package gas unit. The other guy bid both a Trane XB 1300 and a Trane XL 1400. All are gas units, all are 3 ton.

    I've heard of Trane, but can't seem to find much on the Nordyne unit. What I have found doesn't indicate that there is much difference between the two. Warranty, SEER numbers, etc all seem to be comparable. The high end Trane has a variable speed fan.

    I have no idea which one to pick at this point. There is a $1000 difference between them all (the Trane 1300 is $1000 more than the Nordyne. THe Trane 1400 is $1000 more than the 1300.)

    Any thoughts on the matter? The second contractor was nice, it's just that the Nordyne guy did all my AC work at the old house and I trust him to be fair. I just have never heard of the brand he wants to use.


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    I don't know Nordyne's model #s. They offer a standard 13 SEER and a model with 2 stage heat and variable speed blower. With the price diff over the Trane, gotta be the standard one you are being quoted.

    The Tranewashed on here will say it is the only way to go BUT if the dealer you trust and like is suggesting the Frigidaire, that's a big factor in the decision. If you want the ultimate, ask him about his high end model. Hard to beat Nordyne's warranties. 8 year parts, 5 year replacement unit if comp or heat exchanger fails.

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    I agree with Baldie.If you've gotten good service and support from your regular guy,that's who I'd stick with.He sounds as though he served you well before and he will continue to do so.

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    Is it worth the money to get a variable speed? The house is in Middle Tennessee and our winters are pretty mild for the most part. Summers are wretchedly hot and humid.

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    Here is a link to the install/technical information for Nordyne/Frigidaire:

    I just installed a heat pump system from Frigidaire, equipment was built solid. 10 year warranty was nice too!

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    Thanks for the help, y'all! The link is great!

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    Originally posted by old house chick
    Is it worth the money to get a variable speed? The house is in Middle Tennessee and our winters are pretty mild for the most part. Summers are wretchedly hot and humid.
    Yes, the variable speed will do a greeat job on your home comfort. With the variable speed blower, it does a much better job in cooling, and helping remove humidity from your home in the Hot summer months.

    I didn't see anything on above link talking about humidity control like Trane would have.

    You will be happy with the two stage heating w/ variable speed blower. It will be much quieter, and even comfort in the home.

    On an avg blower motor, it may take as much as 700 watts of power to run, where a variable speed blower will be around 100 watts. So be saving money on electric bill.

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    One question about the electric savings using a variable speed motor versus a multispeed motor. If I were to run the multispeed at low wouldn't this also be saving me electricity compared to the variable speed? I would like to get a variable but my instaler says save money and buy a multi instead and just run it in low 24/7 during the allergy season and hot nights.


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    I am not sure how much you can save?

    And how are they going to make the blower run at a low speed? Low speed won't be as low as the variable speed blower woudl be running on "low".

    I have a feeling that they are scared of the variable speed? The variable speed system you get two stage heating. If you do go that route, make sure you get a two stage t-stat.

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